This website is dedicated to fascinating, fat-leaved plants and exploring their
design potential. I'm Debra Lee Baldwin, author of Designing with Succulents 
and Succulent Container Gardens.
There are so many ways to show succulents to
advantage, such as the red aloe combined with blue
senecio at left. You’ll find more examples on this website
(and many more in my books), plus tips on plant care
and cultivation. Enjoy!
Photos and text copyright (c) Debra Lee Baldwin. All rights reserved.
Blue echeveria rosettes match the colors in the striped cushion. Red Aloe cameronii and blue Senecio mandraliscae
How many truly blue plants do you know
of? Notice how the colors of the cushion
repeat blue, green and yellow hues found
in these echeveria rosettes.
This site celebrates the release of my latest book, Succulent Container Gardens (Timber
Press, 2010, now available from Amazon). My earlier book, Designing with Succulents,
offers greater detail about in-ground planting.
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